Spring Check List

Spring – Exterior Avoid water damage to the of your home by following a few tips. Gutters and downspouts these should be cleared out at the beginning of the year and checked to ensure there are no leaks, to avoid water damage. Siding, use a pressure washer to clean away winter dirt and debris, and […]

Fire Damage Prevention

Fire Damage prevention Here are some well-known yet effective prevention tips that can help any home: Install smoke detectors on every level of your home and replace the batteries once a year. If possible, consider hard-wiring your detectors, so you aren’t as dependent on fresh batteries. Check electrical cords and replace any that are worn, […]

Bad Weather

One of the most important home protection measures you can take is to prepare for bad weather. Whether it’s flooding, high wind, torrential rain or tornados in the summer, or harsh snowstorms in the winter, you can protect your home and your family with these simple precautions: Take a home inventory of the valuables and […]