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We are known for our unique niche of being able to step foot into a home that has been severely damaged by wind, water, or fire and being able to rebuild it back to its physical precondition or better. We pride ourselves on making sure that the needs and satisfactions of our homeowners and their insurance companies. We provide emergency restoration service in the event of fire or flood, as well as home, kitchen and bathroom remodels are met.

A great bathroom remodel combines both appearance and functionality. Whether you are trying to add elegance and a touch of class to a powder room, or create a personalized sanctuary, Western Sky Construction can help you. To create a space that refreshes and relaxes, we work with all the latest high -end features. If you can imagine it, we can design and build it.

All kinds of things contribute to a great-looking bathroom.  Messy caulk or stained caulking looks messy around the rim of your sinks, showers and tubs.  A lack of counter space on your bathroom’s vanity can make it look cluttered and dirty.  We have the material, expertise and ideas to solve problems like these. We tile those nooks over so that they are water-resistant and match the rest of the bathroom decor. Just like that, you have a designated space to stow your toiletries rather than sloppily lining them up next to your bathroom sink or overcrowding the medicine cabinet. It’s important to think about storage when selecting a new bathroom sink and shower.  Do you have a preference for drawers, cupboards, towel racks or shelves?   If you really love to hide your bathroom cleansers inside cupboard space, then a porcelain pedestal sink will probably not serve your needs. Lighting is one of the most dramatic and important bathroom remodel decisions because it is both functional and can change the mood of the whole space.  Do you want Civil engineers workingmore natural light in your bathroom?  Do you want updated light fixtures or energy-efficient bulb options?   Will modern fixtures compliment your decor?

The most common reason people remodel their kitchen is to create more space.  We can open up the kitchen to another room to create a larger gathering space, add a welcoming breakfast nook, or an island where the family can gather together. We understand that the kitchen can be the central space in a family’s home. Our team can guide you to make the choices to bring your dream kitchen to life. In addition to creating more room in your kitchen, a remodel is in order if your kitchen decor and appliances are sorely outdated.  Over time kitchen tile cracks, linoleum peels, cabinets lose their luster; wood deteriorates from wear-and-tear. Nowadays, there are alternative light fixtures, fans, appliances and plumbing features that improve the energy-efficiency in your house.  Updating appliances, counter tops, flooring, furniture and fixtures in your kitchen increase the overall value of your home if or when you decide to sell.   It is our goal to make sure you fall in love with your new kitchen, whatever your reason for remodeling.  We understand your concern with kitchen remodeling costs. That’s why we offer you a free, in-home estimate to iron out the costs for your kitchen upgrades. How space is arranged affects behavior. A single room addition – a family room with a fireplace, a powder room, or a backyard sun room – can singlehandedly change the traffic of the entire home. When done right, adding a room adds much more than square footage. It changes how people live. A homeowner’s budget should include funds to expand the home’s heating and cooling system to accommodate the new space. Small additions should only require ductwork. Larger additions may require a bigger air conditioner or furnace. Should a home build up or build out? The answer is somewhat decided by the home’s architectural style.