Spring Check List

Spring – Exterior Avoid water damage to the of your home by following a few tips. Gutters and downspouts these should be cleared out at the beginning of the year and checked to ensure there are no leaks, to avoid water damage. Siding, use a pressure washer to clean away winter dirt and debris, and painting done on exposed wood if needed. To be safe from water damage coming into your home from the roof, check for missing shingles or flashing, replace if necessary. Deck or porch, check for loose railing or wobbly steps, clean with pressure washer and apply stain or sealant. Landscaping, schedule your lawn service to perform a general cleanup of the yard and arrange for regular lawn care. Water damage can be avoided if the drains are cleaned out, and monitored, for buildup of debris. Sprinklers test run your sprinkler system, if there is a problem, call your professional to fix it before it is needed. Pesticide, call a pest control company to spray for insects such as wasps, ants, spiders and mosquitoes.
Spring – Interior, air conditioning system call a professional to conduct a check of your system before using it. Hot water heater maintenance can be a great way to avoid water damage, in your home. Drain water and sludge and refill; have serviced by a plumber if needed. Windows Use a blow dryer to check for cracks and seal with caulk to increase energy savings. Doors check screens for rips or holes, mend or replace as needed. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, test and replace batteries if needed.